david attenborough:
[to dramatic orchestral score] this is the biggest north-facing sandstone
incline in the World…    and there is a
very special Bug who lives here

me: wow



If Tumblr does go down or actually becomes non-functional, I’m on Discord and Skype, as well! There’s a few of you specifically with whom I only have contact through Tumblr, so if I could get you guys on a different site/IM client, that would be sweet!


hi hello can i talk about this cute game i found recently

it’s called abyssrium (like abyss + aquarium) by IDLE Idea Factory and it’s kind of like cookie clicker except you start out as a single coral polyp and eventually upgrade to a huge coral reef

you can collect different types of aquatic animals ranging from small gobis and tangs to sharks and blue whales to live in your reef!!! wow

this game also has really calming background music and i think it’d be really useful to pull out and play if youre having a bad time/episode and need something to focus on

not to mention the visuals here?? look at them!!!!

the game does have in-app purchases but you can get the in-game currency really easily through videos or doing certain tasks

anyways if you have the space, please consider playing this app


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