Can we just talk about how amazing was Sanji here?

Yes, it’s a shame not many people talk about how amazing Sanji was here. This is one of my favourite moments of him. It’s dreadful how some people say Sanji is the one who cares less about the crew (except for the ladies), when he was the one to go mad when Luffy was about to suggest Usopp should leave the crew. He didn’t even let Luffy finish the sentence and he kicked his captain because he couldn’t bear the idea of someone (NOT the ladies) leaving the crew. He was also the first one to freak out when the crew started to disappear at Sabaody, and the only one to leave his group to save another group, because he knew Zoro, Usopp and Brook were in a lot more danger than himself, Nami and Franky.

So thank you, for reminding us how truly amazing Sanji was here. ♥

I also think this says something about Luffy. He was really, really selfish right here, because he literally said ” /I/ am the captain, /I/ am the one taking decisions, and I don’t care if you dont agree with me you can just FUCKING LEAVE ”  and this is NOT how a crew works.

We all see Luffy as a giant goofy ball jumping everywhere like ” nakama nakama nakama I love nakama ” but in THIS particular scene, he is the absolute opposite and it still hits me in the face everytime. 

That’s one of the things I really love about luffy though. He’s not like all the other shonen protagonists, fighting for humanity or for the sake of others

Luffy is selfish. If something doesn’t affect him, it is none of his business. He didn’t care one bit what was going on in cocoyashi until Arling made Nami, HIS navigator, cry

It makes him relatable on a much deeper level than all the selfless protagonsts.

Well I think Luffy is not that selfish through out the anime he was just mad that is all

oh no it’s not like he’s some spoiled selfish brat

but he IS selfish. He’s not opposing the government because they’re corrupt, he’s opposing the government because they piss him off and tried to hurt his friends. He’s not fighting bad pirates out of principle, he’s fighting bad pirates because they get in his way. 

He didn’t care shit about the human slave trade until his friend was kidnapped and auctioned off

Luffy could care less about how many dangerous prisoners escaped from Impel Down, all he wanted to do was save his brother

Luffy is selfish. He doesn’t fight for the good of humanity, he fights for himself and for those he cares about. 

I’m pretty sure Luffy’s even admitted he’s selfish. He argues that he’s not a hero because hero’s are supposed to be selfless and fight for others, whereas Luffy only fights for himself and those he cares about.
Luffy went out on his own to become a pirate not just because it was “Cool” but because he didn’t want to have to listen what others told him to do; he wants to do things HIS way. And thats what captains do.

Indeed he has. He doesn’t want to share the meat he wants to EAT the meat

Luffy did say that he’s a pirate and basically pirates only think of themselves. They don’t care about anyone else, they care about themselves.

So the whole selfish argument is related to the nature of pirates. Does anyone remember how Luffy was angry with Vivi and how he had to set her strait on what pirates really are?
The whole pirates are not “nice”, they don’t save cities, and pirates are not heroes speech?

Even though the crew is the exception on the most part, Luffy and crew are still pirates. Therefor being selfish is a key part of that, but not when it comes to their own.

In this scene however, it could be a form of misplaced rage, mixed emotions, and tough love. Luffy loved the ship but there was no time to repair, he knows that the ship is important to Usopp but also knows that it’s just a ship. Nothing worth to risk your life over even if it’s dear to you and has sentimental value.

Usopp on the other hand, realized the ship had a soul- a child sized soul- and to him Luffy was discarding one of their own  because it no longer was of use to them.
Also, Luffy doesn’t really know how to comfort or sugar coat things- part of his clueless charm- and was probably sick of Usopp’s shit of always trying to pretend he was the captain or over rule his decisions. 


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