…A tennis ball.

God damn it luffy i am in love with your gun.
Would you be interested in a swap perhaps? Ive got a grenade launcher i have very little use for.

“I dunno if you can carry it. It’s a two-hander as long as I am tall. You might fall on your face.”

The recoil must be an absolute nightmare.
If only for a showpiece or heavy munitions backup i want it.

And besides ive got a milkor mgl-140 with your name on it.
It may not be as titanic as your beast of a blunderbuss but boy does it pack a wallop!

“For me, it actually doesn’t have too much kick, but it’d probably send you flying. I don’t want ya to get hurt just because you want my gun. I’ll let you test it out first to see if you really wanna use it, though.”


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