[ oh ]

((Anon hate will not be tolerated here. You do realize that behind these URL’s there are REAL PEOPLE with REAL FEELINGS. Stop being so ignorant and rude! I’m sure you know the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”, and if not you’d BEST LEARN IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! It’s sickening how one can be so insensitive to others! Stop! Stop it right now, anon! This solves NOTHING! NOTHING! Keep such hateful thoughts and words to yourself and take JUST A MOMENT to THINK about how what you say can affect people!))

((Fuckweed’s lucky it’s behind a Greyface.


is it possible to hack the IP address of where the message originated from and send a fuckton of retaliation?))

[If you’re nerdy, it is. Tumblr made it more complicated now.]


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