As Nami looks around, she had a smile on her face. She was ready for this night, and the dress she had fit like a glove. What could make this night better? Well finding her captain would be a good thing…

Luffy was fussing with the lapels of his split-tailed jacket as he slithered towards the designated meeting place, flattening and adjusting them so he looked nice instead of mussed up, straightening his barely visible crimson-burgundy tie. He’d given up on slicking back his hair long ago, since it just fluffed back to the front rebelliously, so Nami would just have to deal with him looking scruffy.

Eventually, he found her, and wow did she look good. Her black, rumpled, modest dress hugged her in just the right places and flowed around her long legs, making her look like a river spirit. It was enough to flush his face, difficult to see in the evening light. “Uh. Wow, Nami.” he stumbled, flustered, “That looks really nice on you.”


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