This is an urgent and important message from a concerned member of the reptile-loving community that involves mistreatment of reptiles and our precious Adorable Snakes.

A “rescue” in Arizona has been mistreating the reptiles it takes in. The video details the living conditions of these animals and I must warn you, it is sickening. The fact that anyone would allow animals to be treated this way is awful and it is terrible to realize the reason many people turn a blind eye is because they are not the typical “cute and fuzzy” critters like dogs and cats. The video contains no footage of the snakes themselves (which I see as almost a blessing, as I’m not sure I could handle showing such graphic mistreatment here), but there are snakes at the “rescue” and they are definitely not being cared for properly.

You can find more information HERE and HERE

You can help by spreading the word, and by reporting this rescue and voicing your concern about the well-being of reptiles to the local Animal Control

Thank you. You are all wonderful and I appreciate your love for snakes every day ❤


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