//ohhh goooodiiiieeeeee ;n;// As the captain talked in a raspy voice, Chopper swivelled around on the chair butted up against the doctor’s desk. Assuming Luffy was pulling another prank, like he had done many times in the past, Chopper rolled his eyes but still grinned happily at the other, “Alright! Take a seat Luffy and I’ll see what I can do!” he said, motioning towards the infirmary bed.

Seeing his doctor roll his eyes now that the case was genuine, Luffy had a flicker of shame in his dull look as he took the best seat he could, a few joints popping as he moved to tuck as much of his tail as he could under the bed so it wouldn’t get in the way. It was painfully slow going though, as if he lacked the energy to even smile.

He took a few moments before gathering the necessary equipment (a stethoscope, a thermometer, some paper and a pencil),  from his desks’ draws and took his time crossing the room before coming to a halt  asking the same old questions he’d ask anyone claiming to be sick, “How long have you been”, he paused, holding up one hoof and clenching it making air quotes as he spoke,”-‘sick’? How do you feel? Where Have you been staying outside on cold nights, etcetera  etcetera …” Chopper asked, smiling slightly, staring down at the bit of paper in his hoof and began to scribble something down.

His brow knitted in suppressed frustration when Chopper mocked him out of ignorance, then he spoke up, voice still doubled and hoarse. “About three days-” And that was about when he violently sneezed only through his nose, turning his head away so he didn’t gross his little doctor out. “And I feel like crap. I’m sore, I can’t talk because I sound awful, and it’s hard to breathe.” He hadn’t been staying out too much at night, but the violently-changing weather could be to blame. In the first half, it wasn’t too bad, but the New World changed every hour ON the hour, and it threw him all out of whack.


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