Both of these lists are perfect, wonderful chunks of advice and really ought to be common sense, but, being an extrovert I can’t express how glad I am that someone made this, because extroverts really are spoken about less than introverts (not that either one is more important).

I received none of these from my teachers in my final year when studying animation on a 3 year course, and what happened? I fell in on myself, became heavily depressed without knowing it and tore myself up for making bad decisions when I should have stuck with my crazy ideas. I became severely ill in the last month and ended up missing the deadline. I received a two week extension, but I didn’t finish the film I’d been working on for half a year, because I realized it had turned into something that wasn’t mine. Instead I blasted out a tiny, shitty little piece in two weeks that actually held a note of myself to it, got the lowest grade I’ve ever earned and I still don’t regret the decision.

In contrast, in one year of study at VFS I received endless encouragement. I was shocked. I didn’t expect it at all, I wasn’t used to it, and suddenly I didn’t have to keep fighting for my corner, forcing smiles, running in circles trying to persuade people that I knew what I was doing, because they could already see that I did. It didn’t give me an ego, it gave me a sense of responsibility- to not disappoint these people who had faith me. I pushed myself further and harder and produced more and better stuff than I ever thought I could, and at the same time made more friends and taught more people to laugh than I ever had when I was trying to.

I’m not saying you should stoke the fires of anyone with a big head, I mean that support, in any form, is invaluable. That person who’s always doing cartwheels and grinning like a lunatic who seems to have the time of their life in everything they do? Guess what, they’re more insecure than a Faberge egg balanced on top of the Eiffel Tower. Every word and gesture of kindness counts, and so does every snub and snide remark.

Anyway, even if they’re not an extrovert, everyone prefers a smile to a frown.

TL:DR – Go be nice to people.

[THIS. I’m obviously an extrovert, and I thrive in happiness and attention. The solitude of being an only child is nice, but I adore my 40+ friends I hang out with, if in erratic intervals. If I’m disregarded or not encouraged or given any kind of contact or support, I’ll wither up and go into this deep funk, so please, everyone, feed your extroverts with love and attention, they love it. Be weird with them. Give them spontaneous hugs if they’re cool with that kind of thing. A little bit goes a long way.]


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