This is a picture of a mannequin dressed as Obama and hung at a Shell gas station in Mandarin (Duval County), Florida. That’s near Jacksonville. I have friends in that area that saw this in person.

As far as I know, there have been no repercussions. That is NOT okay.

We need to take a stand and show that this is NOT acceptable and will NOT go without punishment.

Democrat, Republican, black, white, male, female, etc… We should ALL come together and show that disrespect and intolerance of this magnitude is NOT okay.

If anyone in the area knows exactly which Shell this was, spread the word! As many of us as possible need to walk into that store and raise hell. Phone calls, boycotts, EVERY NEGATIVE REACTION POSSIBLE needs to happen. As soon as I can make it down to Fla, I will personally walk into that store and punch the ignorant, racist, ass hole responsible for this square in the FACE.

Since when is murder funny? Since when is taking the life of another human being ACCEPTABLE AND HUMOROUS? Especially the President of our United States?!

I’m so mad I can barely form words.


[And yet, if a Romney mannequin was being hanged, would anyone on Tumblr care? No, they’d go HEY YEAH KILL THAT RICH WHITE ASSHOLE. Damn double standards. I don’t wish death on Obama, though. He’s okay as a person, I just don’t like him in the Oval Office.]


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