I have begun Full-Shave November.

This is fucking awful. HOW DO YOU DO THIS????

I was in the shower shaving for like… 45 minutes, and I STILL had to forgo shaving one of my legs because I was concerned I was running late for lunch (it turns out I wasn’t, but whatever).

I also ruined my razor, because I didn’t think to trim any of my hair first, but that’s okay.

Also look at all that fucking hair. There’s so much of it. I had no idea I had that much hair on me.

Tomorrow I will shave my left leg and run clean-up on basically everywhere else (it’s pretty patchy).

Aren’t you supposed to grow a mustache? what the fuck is full shave november.

The opposite of No Shave November. Lots of women get flak for participating in No Shave November and letting their body hair grow out (I can’t find the post with a bunch of screencapped tweets about it, but this is the next best thing), but the vast majority of guys (myself included) have absolutely no idea what a pain feeling like you have to shave your body hair is like. So, for the entirety of the month, I will be shaving my legs, chest, and armpits on a regular basis (as well as my usual regimen of shaving my face).

This idea. I like it. Another.

Four for you, sir.

[This is awesome. Gold star for you.]


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