It really bothers me when people get the impression that the speed at which I reply to their thread represents how much I like them. Even after months of being here I have a difficult time keeping track of all my threads on tumblr. Sometimes I get distracted by images on my dash. Sometimes I get swamped by things in real life. I don’t always feel like I have the energy to write the beautiful prose post that I want to write for you, but I do have the small bit of energy to give someone else some silly script things. I hear so many people take those sorts of things so personally but I don’t mean any offense. Sometimes I think I should just take my business to another RP site where it’s at least less visible when I RP with multiple people at once. I feel like such a jerk here. -anonymous

[Seconded, and also I try to reply with all the speed I can since usually I only run one at a time, so if you RP with me, chances are you’ll get a reply within the hour because I’m pretty vigilant about checking and double-checking every so often for responses. However, sometimes my muse just DIES and I need to listen to music to give you your beautiful post, and sometimes I space out enormously even with a post half-written, especially in IM rooms. IF I TAKE TOO LONG PLEASE POKE ME. I MAY BE WAITING FOR YOURS AND YOU ALREADY POSTED IT.]


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